COVID-19 Resources for Farmers and Farmworkers

Farming is essential.  We must protect agriculture’s greatest asset–the people working in the field. Use these resources to keep your farm and workers safe during the COVID-19 Outbreak.


Extension Launches COVID-19 Videos for Spanish-Speaking Farm Community


Click here for Part 2 and 3 of the Video Series


Other Resources for Farms with Farmworkers

NCAI Coronavirus Guidance







COVID-19 Fighting Product List

Map of NC Farmworker Health Clinics

Assessment of Worker Symptoms

Wash Your Hands Poster- Spanish

Wash Your Hands Poster- English

_Interim Guidance for Environmental Cleaning for Non-Healthcare Settings

Interim COVID-19 Guidance for NC Migrant Farmworkers Employers-English

Interim COVID-19 Guidance for NC Migrant Farmworkers Employers and Housing-Spanish

Grocery Memo (signed by Commissioner)

Signed Notice for Temp Ag Worker Groceries

Resources for Fruit and Vegetable Growers