Farmers are the driving force behind our safe, secure, and affordable food system. Farmers are self-sufficient, result-driven, hard-working men and women dedicated to producing a quality product that not only feeds our nation, but much of the world. Farmers are part agronomist, chemist, meteorologist, economist, communications expert, and CEO.  You keep a LOT on your plate, so ours can stay full too. We can’t change the weather, crop yields or commodity prices, but we can provide a few tools to help manage the stress of it all.  Check out these safety and health tools designed to help protect the most important asset on your farm–you!

Total Farmer Health

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Total Farmer Health = Healthy Mind + Healthy Body

If you’re a farmer, rancher, or farmworker, you already know that your work can expose you to variety of hazards. AgriSafe’s job is to help protect protect farmers at work. We believe that with proper education and access to knowledgeable health professionals, you can live a long, healthy and productive life. Check out AgriSafe’s training calendar to see what opportunities are available…



Healthy Mind

NC Cooperative Extension Website

Remember, you’re not in this alone! For more help with anything related to agriculture, reach out to your local Extension office–there’s one in EVERY county in North Carolina!


NCAI Tape and Twine Series

The Tape and Twine Series was created by the NC Agromedicine Institute to help farmers manage the stress that is unique to farming in NC. From hurricanes, floods and wildfires to changing regulations to global pandemics–agriculture is a field that faces many challenges tune in to Tape and Twine to discuss practical solutions, share dialogue and resources.



Healthy Body

NCAI Fit-to-Farm Program

Fit to Farm encourages individuals to put their health first by educating them on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Each lesson addresses the benefits of making healthy lifestyle changes, the consequences of not making those changes and simple strategies for making changes day-to-day while farming, fishing or logging.


Certified Safe Farm Program


Certified Safe Farm is a comprehensive agricultural health and safety program for farmers, family members, and employees that saves lives, prevents injury, improves health, and saves costs!

Certified Safe Farm reviews include:

  • a comprehensive on-farm safety review that is not shared with any agency,
  • occupational health and wellness screenings conducted by AgriSafe health providers, and
  • in-person education with farmers and others during safety and health visits.


NC AgrAbility Website


The North Carolina AgrAbility Partnership (NC AgrAbility) is committed to assisting and educating farmers, ranchers, farmworkers and their family members engaged in production agriculture who are living with disabilities. NC AgrAbility provide assistance, referrals and resources to these individuals who are affected by mental or cognitive disabilities, physical disabilities such as spinal cord injuries or amputations, as well as disabilities related to aging such as Arthritis, to better enable them to continue farming.

Other Resources